Our mission

Neuropool’s mission is to connect Neurodiverse talent pools to employers who embrace Diversity.

Over 100,000 Neurodiverse young adults turn 18 every year. A large percentage are not entering employment due to lack of innovation, training and accessibility to career development and  employment opportunities.

Our belief is that neurodiverse individuals should be profiled on what attributes & skills they have that could lead to employment, this should be identified from childhood at school and continue through college and further education through to the early stages of their career. Our purpose is to help employers better understand neurodiversity in the workplace and to reduce the time it takes to find & retain talent. 

Neurpool ltd is a platform built to connect talent pools of neurodiverse individuals to diverse employers through career development  and skill matching and working with academic institutions who are the most vital to the students chance at a successful career.

Student Support

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Talentpool Development

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Corporate Neurodiversity

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Neuropool exists to connect Neurodiverse talent to employers. We understand it is a new topic for some organisations we provide a range of solutions to help organisations facilitate & implement change to achieve their vision and optimise productivity and overall culture.