We unlock neurodiverse potential for your teams

We believe neurodiverse individuals should be assessed on the basis of how their skills and attributes could lead to employment.

Our mission is to help employers better understand neurodiversity in the workplace and to provide access to our talent pools.

Only 4%

of FTSE100 firms have Neurodiversity hiring initiatives

Agility in Mind, 2022

Benefits of working with Neuropool


Access an untapped talent pool


Improve your approach to inclusion


Gain a competitive advantage

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What we do

We work with HR & recruitment departments to help with hiring, onboarding and training for managing diverse teams.

Through hosting a range of live events, talks and webinars to help workplaces learn more about the neurodivergent experience and best workplace practices to support neurodiverse talent. 

We also give employers the chance to feature at careers fairs at the top universities as a neurodiversity friendly organisation, as well as guest speaking as an employer at our Neuropool hosted events with students.

By hosting interactive workshops and providing expert review of internal policies and support processes, we enable organisations to develop the best practises in neurodiverse talent support. 

This includes : 

  • Regular surveys and feedback reports on inclusion and neurodiversity
  • Mobilising Neurodiversity Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)
  • Delivering Neurodiversity training days for leaders and managers 
  • Developing Neurodiversity strategy roadmaps

We help organisations nurture and develop neurodiverse talent and harness the unique skills that they have to offer. By developing Neurodiversity Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), we give neurodiverse talent space to grow and realise their untapped potential. 

We help organisations recruit and retain the best neurodiverse talent through reviewing interview processes, onboarding and reasonable adjustment policies. 

This forms part of our end to end recruitment services in which organisations also have exclusive access to Neuropool’s talent network.

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We can help your HR & recruitment teams with:

  • Talent pool development
  • Workshops & training
  • Brand partnerships

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