Our mission is to break down barriers for Neurodivergent professionals in the work place

Meet the team behind one of the world’s fastest growing Neurodivergent talent pool!

Where our story starts...

Founded by Jack Dyrhauge in 2019 to build the worlds largest neurodivergent talent pool 

1,000,000 +

Neurodivergent adults are unemployed or underemployed in the UK

Barriers to employment

Neurodivergent people face many barriers before arriving in the workplace.

  • Lack of early intervention in schools and universities
  • Under diagnosed population, particularly amongst women
  • Accessibility barrier when transitioning into employment.


Neuropool Today

We are on track to getting 10,000+ Neurodiverse professionals into employment by 2030

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Over 300 individuals into work so far... 5%
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