Our story

Founded by Jack Dyrhauge in 2019. Whilst running a charity to support autistic people into work, he realised neurodiverse job seekers of all backgrounds were in desperate need of tailored mentoring  and inclusive recruitment support.

Barriers to employment ​

Neurodivergent people face many barriers before arriving in the workplace.

  • Lack of early intervention in schools and universities
  • Underdiagnosis, particularly among women
  • Accessibility barrier when transitioning into employment.

The reason

While out of work or underemployed, the neurodivergent community faces similar challenges in accessing support.

  • Lack of funding for research (% comparison with cancer)
  • Lack of funding for adult neurodiversity support
  • Accessibility issues reduce access to healthcare and welfare services

Each complication makes it harder to compete with neurotypical graduates in the job market. As a result of this vicious cycle, many become trapped in long-term unemployment.

UK Figures

32 Million people of working age 

6 Million Neurodivergent adults 

500,000+ Autistic adults unemployed

1 million+ Are underemployed  


Who is it for?

Individuals starting their first job or looking for a career change

An Employer who wants to better support their ND staff or hire more

A University that wants to offer extra support and opportunity to their students