We unlock neurodiverse potential for your teams

A 2018 CIPD poll found that 72% of HR professionals surveyed had no consideration of neurodiverse people in their people management practices.

We believe neurodiverse individuals should be assessed  on the basis of how their skills and  attributes could lead to employment.

Our mission is to help employers better understand neurodiversity in the workplace and to provide access to our talent pools.

What we do

We work with HR  & recruitment departments to help with hiring, onboarding and training for managing diverse teams.

  • Events and career fairs
  • HR guidance and workshops
  • Talent pool development
  • Recruitment services 

Benefits of working with Neuropool

  • Access an untapped talent pool
  • Improve your company’s approach to diversity
  • Gain a competitive advantage by embracing different perspectives
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Who we work with

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We can help your HR & recruitment teams with:

  • Talent pool development
  • Workshops & training
  • Brand partnerships

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