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Neurodiverse people offer different and often creative perspectives. We want to identify your abilities and strengths, coaching you to showcase them before connecting you to potential employers.

Through our network, we provide you with access to a variety of employers and opportunities including work experience, graduate roles and permanent positions.

We do this by working closely with HR and recruitment departments, ensuring the company’s hiring and onboarding practices are aligned with the needs of neurodiverse employees.

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What you get from working with us

Access to a community

Graduate & profressional roles

Career development


The team have the skills to make you feel welcome and reassures you that being neurodiverse is not a disadvantage, it just makes you unique. Without them, I would not have the motivation or belief to continue pursuing an internship.
Robotics Engineer

“I have never seen a programme like this that is run by neurodiverse people, it allowed me to feel that I wasn’t alone”

“Given me the skills, knowledge, and experiences to overcome issues I face, and to be comfortable and confident with my autism”

“This programme allowed me to feel less anxious about my job hunt and dealing with failure and rejection whilst going through interviews”

How Neuropool works

1. Upload your CV

2. Build your profile

3. Apply for jobs & network

4. Attend events with your mentors

5. Get your dream role

Once you’ve secured a role, a mentor will help you get prepared to start the job.

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Financial Times
Immersive Labs
University of Bath

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